Domestic Specialists (M/F) organise and carry out all essential domestic work; the last two years of practical training take place within large businesses. Environmental consciousness and economic action in all areas are trained to the point of becoming automatic skills. Knowledge of health and safety issues as well as social interrelationships, together with a friendly, open-minded attitude and  team spirit mean that Domestic Specialists are valued staff members and co-workers. Domestic Specialists are also qualified for administrative work when they possess suitable computer skills.

These are the desired qualities:
An understanding of economic, environmental and social interrelationships, a friendly and open-minded attitude, team spirit, manual skills and practical capabilities, flexibility, as well as a talent for improvisation and the willingness to lend a helping hand.

These are the requirements:
Completed elementary school, PC end user skills.

The duration of the apprenticeship is:
Three years.

These are the prospects:
Professional examination as Department Manager - Hotel Housekeeping with Swiss Federal Certification, as Housekeeping Manager with Swiss Federal Certification, as Farming Housekeeper, Farmer with Swiss Federal Certification, as Facilities Caretaker.

Technical College:
Domestic Economy Business Manager, Technical College Diploma, Graduate in Facility Management, Graduate Farmer.

Concomitant practical training leading to the Technical College qualification as Domestic Economy Business Manager.

University of Applied Sciences: Bachelor of Science in Facility Management, Executive master of Facility Management.

Apprenticeship situation in Switzerland as a whole: 930 places, stagnant.

For further information:

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